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18. Februar 2019
Dear Sam Gallery Wall Jacqueline Isabelle cover

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Being all in the mood to clean and reorganize my apartment (I might have been listening to Marie Kondo a little too much) I also wanted to redesign or redecorate a little to make it feel new and a little simpler than before. 

I definitely am that type of person, that holds on to tons of items with sentimental value. Things I know I don’t need to own, but that make me smile when I look at them because I think of the times I got them or what happened with them and around them. So cleaning out my wardrobe actually was way easier than all the other „stuff“ I had stored in my drawers and my shelves. But I’m slowly getting there, being a little more organized. But it’s not just about that, for me it is about the feeling when sitting in a room. And since I’m spending a lot of time in my living room – reading, binge watching Netflix or typing on my MacBook just right I’m doing at this moment, I don’t want a lot of distraction, but a calm and clean atmosphere. And that calm atmosphere for me means not a lot of stuff laying around, even though I like the little decorative things – in the end and especially the last years, I noticed that I really like that less is more attitude and owning less stuff made me happier.

So when I organized my very first gallery wall in the living room, I was totally excited to mix and match different frames, prints and styles – what was I thinking? I’m just not that kind of wild mind. At first I really liked it but with that big gallery wall AND mismatching pillows on my couch AND all the other stuff I didn’t like it anymore and was looking for some more matching and cleaner ideas since I still really liked the idea of a gallery wall itself. It took me a while but now I finally found what I was looking for. The online shop DEAR SAM offers very clean frames and a wide range of different kind of styles of prints that you can pick and then stay within that category to mix an amazing set of coordinated prints for your gallery wall.

I’m really happy with it now and can’t wait to also exchange a few of my pillows to be totally happy with the living room. 😉

For the wall I chose the prints:

in different sizing and with black and white frames. I combined it with one of my favorite prints I already owned and got as a present for my birthday last year. Et voilà my finished gallery wall.

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Dear Sam Gallery Wall Jacqueline Isabelle

Dear Sam Gallery Wall Jacqueline Isabelle1 Dear Sam Gallery Wall Jacqueline Isabelle2Dear Sam Gallery Wall Jacqueline Isabelle3Dear Sam Gallery Wall Jacqueline Isabelle4 Dear Sam Gallery Wall Jacqueline Isabelle5 Dear Sam Gallery Wall Jacqueline Isabelle6 Dear Sam Gallery Wall Jacqueline Isabelle7

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  • Reply Tabea 19. Februar 2019 at 9:19

    Gefällt mir sehr gut. Ich bin zwar überhaupt nicht so eingerichtet, aber mir gefällt so ein cleanes Design wirklich sehr gut.
    Ich muss auch mal an das Thema „Umgestalten“ herangehen.

    Liebe Grüße,


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