About Me

About Jacqueline Isabelle

Hey, I’m Jacqueline and this is my fashion blog – in Mainz, yeah in Mainz, no big fashion capital or shopping heaven – but I like it here and there’s online shopping also. Jacqueline.Isabelle is a mix of fashion, photography, travelling and beauty in my little world. For my readers to get inspired and browse through my carefully curated content. It is all produced and directed by me – Jacqueline Koss – channelling my creativity and sense of aesthetics into a platform to celebrate inspirational content. It’s my own project on all the topics that concern or inspire me. I’m not here to just follow the trends but pick my favorites, form an opinion, seek unique pieces and give every single one a different look while still retaining my unique vision.

This blog is about travelling, getting to know people and inspiration and everything that makes me happy. While always keeping an open mind to find the luck, you’re not looking for. SERENDIPITY – probably the one word that keeps everything together and I always carry around withe me. jacqueline.isabelle is my personal love letter to all the beauty and I’m happy for everyone that wants to join my journey. Renowned brands like MbyM, Edited, Thomas Sabo and Just Female among many others have been trusting my highly individual cooperations implementation.

HAVE AN IDEA, WISH OR PROPOSAL? LET’S CHAT: jacqueline.isabelle@web.de